Decoration Salon

Hair Salon Decorating Ideas

You can design your hair salon in French style. Add plush cushioned chairs that have dainty, curved legs. For the curtains, you may want to hang elaborate fabric enhanced by fluffy, thick curtain toppers. Shades of purple and pink are a perfect inclusion in a French salon decoration. Additionally, add intricate designs and some embossing to your woodwork.

Incorporate purse- and bustier-shaped lamps in many different spots of your salon. It is also a great idea to put big, oval mirrors in front of each chair. This kind of theme will provide your customers with the illusion of stepping back in time. They will also feel like being in the dressing room of a renowned opera diva.

Futuristic and contemporary styles are becoming increasingly popular each day with the advent of new technological products. A modern theme is an efficient way of representing the progressive, technological and innovative condition of your hair salon. Incorporate curved, simple futuristic chairs for the establishment, large rectangular or square vanity mirrors, and dramatic lighting.

It is best to aim for geometric and sharp shapes throughout the salon. You may also consider adding contemporary, artistic statues somewhere in the area. Fire red and neon blue are appropriate color options for this theme. Futuristic styles also allow a black-and-white theme. Furthermore, be sure that your salon tools and equipment are the latest trends or most technologically advanced ones.

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